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Filius Machines B.V. is dealer of Hyundai Earth-moving machines. Hyundai is a Korean multinational corporation, with an excellent reputation since its inception and is currently divided into six business lines. The 'Construction Equipment' division focuses on the production of earth-moving machines and forklift trucks.

All machines are designed and produced in-house and arrive in Antwerp by ship. The European head office is located in Tessenderlo, Belgium, about a 70-minute drive from 's-Gravendeel. The training center and the parts warehouse have been placed at this location. From this we are provided with parts that allow us to make use of night deliveries and direct courier services.

Hyundai supplies mini diggers with a weight of 1,000 KG to 9 Tons. All machines meet the Stage-5 emission requirements and can be supplied from the factory with many options such as proportional sorting function, additional ballast weights or a hydraulically adjustable main boom.

The Hyundai crawler excavators start with a dead weight of approximately 12 tons and go up to approximately 120 tons. Filius focuses mainly on machines up to 35 Tons, which are almost all equipped with a Cummins Stage-5 diesel engine. Some distinguishing points are the AAVM camera system where it looks like a drone is hanging above the machine, the rubber caps on the steps that minimize the chance of slipping and the solid steel sheet metal.

The wheeled excavator range has been completely overhauled with the arrival of the Stage-5 versions. The smallest model is the R55W-9A, which is very compact with a wide range of applications in, for example, road work, mowing buckets or pipe renovations. Our HW140A and HW160A are compactly built with a central boom suspension placement, heavy-duty ZF axles and a large-displacement Cummins engine. The HW170A-CR is almost a turner with a spacious cabin and the model line is completed with a real powerhouse, the HW210A.

The range of wheel loaders runs from 9 to approximately 32 Tons. Many models are equipped with a Cummins 6 cylinder engine, ZF powershift transmission and ZF axles. With regard to the axles, there are various options with regard to the differential, so that we can supply the right axle configuration for every application. We can also supply some models with a CVT transmission, which in the right application can realize fuel savings and a higher capacity. Different boom configurations are available such as a Z-bar frame, PZ frame, extended loading frame and a frame with 2 bucket cylinders and parallel guidance.

The same basic philosophy applies to all Hyundai machines; proven technology with a good price/quality ratio.


Joskin is a Belgian manufacturer of tractor-pulled machines which are produced in 3 different European factories. Joskin develops everything himself and very quickly started applying laser cutting in the production process. This offers the advantage that virtually no heat is introduced into the material and that post-processing is kept to a minimum. Filius has been focusing for years on the sale and service of Joskin ground dumpers and water trucks, which often find their way in the contracting industry, but we offer more.

The line of ground dumpers ranges from a single-axle 5-tonner to a three-axle 35-tonner. All loading bodies are produced from Hardox 450 and different chassis variants are possible. You can think of leaf suspension, pendulum tandem, hydraulic suspension, whether or not in combination with triangle suspensions. Covering systems are now indispensable and Filius has been producing hydraulically operated cover hatches under its own management for several years now. More information about our Filius hatches can be found on the site under the Workshop.

The water trucks are based on the Joskin vacuum trucks or slurry tanks. The range starts with a volume of 3 cubic meters and extends to more than 30 cubic meters. There are many options available from the factory for every application. For example, we can supply various injectors, flow meters, DPA delivery and work with task cards for the processing of manure. In the application of water car you can think of a suction arm, steered undercarriage and a centrifugal pump with cannon for keeping large surfaces wet. In addition, we can also supply tilting tanks with a full back door for easy cleaning in, for example, bentonite.

Joskin also produces a large line of agricultural tipping trailers. These models are divided into Trans-CAP and Trans-Space models. The CAP line has a slightly simpler construction with payloads of up to approximately 17 Tons. The Space line is very robust with a Hardox bottom and can be supplied up to a bucket length of 9 meters.

Joskin also produces a complete line of fertilizer spreaders. It starts with simple single-axle spreaders with vertical rollers and continues up to three-axle giants with horizontal rollers and large spreading discs. From the factory there are many options with regard to control of the machine, weighing systems, DPA delivery and spreading aggregates. We would be happy to visit you to inform you about the various possibilities of the very extensive JOSKIN package!




Filius Machines B.V. is a dealer of Kubota mini diggers, tracked dumpers and wheel loaders.

Kubota was founded in 1890 by Gonshiro Kubota in Japan. Kubota stands for solid quality machines. Since 2002, Kubota has been the number 1 in the world in the field of mini diggers. The total production capacity worldwide is more than 35,000 pieces per year.

In the field of mini diggers, machines are produced with a weight of 800 KG to approximately 9 tons. In many weight classes there is a choice of an internal turner (U series) and compact machine (KX series). In addition, many models have different equipment levels available from the factory. For example, a customer who makes few demands can keep his money in his pocket and the customer with high expectations is served at his beck and call.

The tracked dumpers vary in payload from 700 KG to approximately 3 Tons, and can be supplied with electric drive, petrol engines or diesel engines. Various options are available, such as a high tipper that can dump directly into a container or a rotating container that can be easily unloaded over the side while driving.

Finally, there is the complete line of compact wheel loaders. These powerhouses start with a weight of 1,150 KG and go up to approximately 5,000 KG. Many options are available from the factory, such as a low front carriage, adjustable control between driving and extra function, cabin and many different attachments.


Leica is the leading manufacturer of laser and GPS systems. For example, Leica produces a simple rotating level laser with 1 button, a complete series with line lasers for sewerage work and a series with single and double shot rotating lasers. Many options are available from the factory, such as different tripods and beacon, viewers and remote control.

GPS has become an integral part of contracting nowadays. Leica offers various solutions for this, starting with a 2D system. This can be expanded to a 3D system, possibly in combination with, for example, a tiltrotator. The construction of the system is carried out by our technicians and adjustment is done together with a Leica employee. You will only notice the biggest advantage when you use it; Leica has good assistance with practical people who can assist you remotely so that you can quickly get on with the job.


Weber is a German producer of vibratory plates and sawing machines. This solid quality product comes standard with a 2 year manufacturer's warranty, which can be extended to 5 years.

The vibratory rammers are available in different versions. All equipped with a Honda 4 stroke petrol engine and a double air filter. The unique point of the Weber rammer is the lubrication of the rammer; this does not happen by splash lubrication, but by a kind of bicycle pump. As a result, the eccentric and the bearing are optimally lubricated.

The forward vibratory plates, known as tile vibrators, are available with impact forces from 10 to 20 KN. They are equipped with Honda petrol engines or Hatz diesel engines. Vibrations in the handle are very well damped and the bracket can be folded down so that they also fit in the back of a small van. As an option, you can choose, for example, hand throttle, hour meter, wheel set or a plastic underlay.

The reversible vibratory plates are available with impact forces from 15 to 100 KN. The change from forward to reverse is always hydraulic and the engine is well protected in the chassis. Almost every model can be supplied in different widths in terms of bottom plate and the smaller models can also be equipped with a wheel set.

The sawing machines can be used for sawing, for example, asphalt or concrete. The machines are powered by a Honda petrol engine and the diameter of the saw blades is up to 50 CM. This allows you to reach a working depth of approximately 19 CM.

We have a constantly changing stock of vibratory plates and rammers at our company. Feel free to drop by and let yourself be convinced of these well thought-out machines.

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