Workshop of Filius Machines B.V.

In our workshop we are specialized in the following activities:

Construction of hydraulic and electrical systems.

In our workshop, the machines are all built according to the customer's wishes. The electrical construction takes place from a separate cabinet with its own power supply, fuses and relays. As a result, the computer or printed circuit board of the basic machine is not overloaded and you have less chance of downtime. Hydraulic build-up starts with mounting and adjusting hose rupture valves, a (proportional) rotor function and mowing bucket valves. In addition, in recent years we have prepared many machines for the use of mechanical paving equipment, such as vacuum technology or hydraulic clamps. We work as much as possible with pipes instead of hoses. This looks nicer and has a longer life. All connections of the extra functions are provided with obliquely mounted welding blocks, so that even machinists with large hands can easily (dis)assemble the couplings.

Construction work.

Machines that are delivered by us are usually equipped with a custom-made tool box, mudguards and supports. All these activities are carried out in-house. We are also specialized in the repair of buckets and the replacement of blades. Finally, we also supply complete machines such as safety racks for the vacuum unit.

Undercarriage maintenance.

We have been working on undercarriages of crawler excavators and mini excavators for many years. This varies from replacing a top roller to a complete undercarriage. We have the equipment to overhaul the tensioners and our service vehicles are equipped to perform the work on site. Of course we can also provide you with a new undercarriage, for which we are a partner of ITR.

Air conditioning.

Filius Machines B.V. is equipped with a mobile air conditioning device, with which we can provide your earth-moving machine with air conditioning maintenance, both in the workshop and on location. You can think of replacing a filter drier or pump, to refilling and pressurizing the system.

Machine inspections.

We have been a BMWT recognized inspection company since the foundation of our company. We provide both commissioning inspections and periodic inspections of excavators, wheel loaders, ground dumpers, vibratory plates and so on.

A commissioning inspection is usually carried out at our company. We make a lifting table for your machine, adjust the nuisance signals and take care of all books and papers.

A periodic inspection is usually carried out on location. Our technicians come with the service car so that minor shortcomings can be rectified immediately in consultation. In some situations, such as in the petrochemical industry, further machine adjustments such as a spark arrester are necessary. We can also take care of this for you, including all associated certificates.

For more information about machine inspections, please contact one of our employees. We are happy to help you.

Cover hatches

Filius has been making cover hatches in-house for several years now. We build this on a base of tubular profile, which is placed on the top of the existing body. This also has the advantage that the loading volume is preserved

The shutters will hang on this horseshoe-shaped edge on steel hinges. The shutters are constructed from a steel frame containing plastic sandwich panels. They are built in such a way that when the hatches are open, no dirt can build up between the two elements, which prevents the hinges from tearing out.

The headboard is constructed from a 20 MM steel plate, in which the drive is mounted. Opening and closing is done by 1 double-acting hydraulic cylinder per side, which is linked to a kinematics as used on the dipper handle of a mini-excavator. So no sprockets with chains and optionally synchronous valves or sequence valves.

The whole is completed with piping and adjustable throttles, to guarantee smooth operation. The finish is standard with sanding, primer and 2 layers of spray paint or blasting and powder coating for a small additional cost.

The hatch covers are not only built by us on Joskin wagons, but we also provide various Beco, VGM and Maupu dumpers with hatches. Request a quote without obligation for the construction of solid Filius hatches on your transport vehicle.


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